Friday, November 11, 2011

'WriMo, Day Eleven

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently. I have just been sooooooooo busy!

Oh, about eleven days ago, I started NaNoWriMo on a whim. While completely insane (some would argue, idiotic) I have begun to enjoy it. I started crafting my plot during a dark and stormy night, Halloween night, to be exact, and have enjoyed it so much! I try to craft some of it during the day before sitting down and writing, but some of it had been total improv.

However, the lack of pre-planning has affected me in ways I did not imagine; that and the Statewide meeting, and the Yardhouse in Pasadena. It's been crazy. I'm already like 9,000ish words behind and I need to start soon!

So, random update, and leaving.

Also: It's 11/11/11.


: )

Sunday, October 17, 2010

...Thank You. : )

People I have a new blog, idk if you noticed. That where all my posts will now be going, however, this one will stay up. Thanks for reading. And my followers, there a little shoutout for you in my first post in my new blog. Check it out?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yes, I have Returned...

Okay people, if you're still there, most of you which are not... I'm back! For real this time! Hahaha!

Well, I got my Mac laptop today, which I have been saying I would buy for the past few months or so. Well now I did, I have finally purchased it. I also got a new printer on rebate, which meant it was basically free. I'm getting 99 dollars back from a price of 99.95. So yes, free.

So, in detail, what is new with me?

Well, I graduated. Which was, without tooting my own horn, to be expected. My graduation day, though, was fucking awesome. I spent it yelling at people for being late, fixing other people's ties, finding a replacement for my missing tassel, and general just yelling my head off and being a complete and utter bitch. So that was fun. : D

After my graduation, I spent a few weeks disillusioned and in a harsh funk, wallowing in self pity at my local Starbucks, freeloading the WiFi. It took me awhile to kill the funk (I killed it with a my Caramel Frappacino Blade, custom made by Starbucks) and I threw myself into college.

College, a new chapter in my awesome life. I was unable to take Math or English this semester because I was too late to register and was not able to add in. So I ended up taking World Literature and Beginning Acting.

I really love these classes! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I'm soooo glad that i accidentally had to take these classes, I just love them! Especially Beginning Acting! I love my theatre acting group, they're fucking awesome! For our midterm we're doing a scene from Lysistrata, in which we might have to wear giant foam penises. Yay?

Well anyways, I'm still trying to get into the blogging groove again, so next time I'll try to make it longer, mkay?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am Alive... : )

Okay, please don't kill me?

*Sigh* If I am able to get that Mac for college, I will post regularly...LOL

This has to be short, I have to leave soon...

So how have you all been? LOL

Me? I've been great! I am about to start college soon, at my local CC, and I graduated! LOL! I did the whole thing, Prom, Grad Nite, Graduation...It was awesome!

I have family problems, of which I will talk about during a longer post- suffice, I don't talk to a huge branch of them any more. . .

Okay, I hafta go, comp issues! I'll post later, and if you have one, add me on FaceBook! LOL!

PS: I have missed you all! Seriously!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay, so you guys probably hate me...but I have tried to post, it's just incredibly hard when you do not have internet!

Right now I'm using a school computer, since I am there for practice. I need to review for my A.P English Literature test, and poetry is being a complete and utter bitch! It's so hard to get the themes, but I'm getting there. I have two days for review before the test, not to mention I have to also review for A.P English Language and Composition and A.P Microeconomics and A.P Macroeconomics! I didn't even take three of these classes!

Ah! Woe is me!

Not to mention, economics is fucking hard!

Supply and demand are getting complicated and I'm still trying to memorize GDP. The PPCs are getting more complicated, plus the tests tries to screw with your head by using different terms from the ones I have already learned! Why can't I be asked something about Scarcity?


Silver lining, though! I'm graduating! :D

On June 22nd, i get to walk that stage and get my diploma and all that jazz! I also get to go to Grad Night, Prom, and Senior Breakfast (which was extremely expensive! 180 dollars!)

Today, I'm not going to intersession. I need to go to ELAC and a couple of peopl from my team are coming with. LOL! As soon as we decided, I knew I was not going to get anything done...but meh. I don't care. I like spending time with them! :D

Okay, I have to go! Au Revoir!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Triumphant Return!!

What's this? Huh? What? The floor is cold!? Flying bacon!!! Ahhhhhhhh!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have once agian, posted.

Now! Before you all come at me with pitchforks and torches, remember, I was busy!

LOL! So, long time no blog.

As you know, I made the Academic Decathlon team at my school. Competition has come and gone, and we (unfortunately) did not make it to state. (tear) But, I did however, get a medal in Speech! Silver! My speech was on Pop Culture and how it's making us all stupid. Isn't it awesome? Haha! I also got 7 Conference awards, meaning I beat the majority of the competetors' in my region. I also got first place in my region for language and lit, beating the top school's Varsity people. But alas! i got no medal. I was close! 6th in County. Out of 210 people! :D

Graduation is coming up, and I scared shitless. So yay for grad. I'm having issues adapting, and I have decided I'm going to do community college and the transfer, 'cause I want to go to U.C Berkeley. It's gonna take work, but i can do it! (And if you believe I cannot, please keep your comments to yourself lest I start crying uncotrollably.)

I also plan to enter a speech contest soon. The topic: When do YOU become an adult!? ...

Hahahaha! I'm not kidding. I have to write about me becoming an adult. Me! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

But i get fifty dollars if I win! :D

Okay, people. Time has finished, and the library's gonna kick me out! Don't fret! i'll be back! promise!

I've missed all of you! Also, if you really want to, and haven't already, add me on Facebook. :D

Monday, November 30, 2009

OMG!OMG! alive,writing this during practice...

Don't have internet, be back soon, miss all of you! Lawl!